Hello and welcome. I am passionate about many things in life…family, skiing, Italy, nature…. and I LOVE painting. Connecting with my creative self feels amazing. When I ‘work’ I feel so lucky to be doing what truely makes me happy. I really want people to feel my works, that they are touched in some way. I love the thought that when one of my paintings finds a  new home in someone’s space and I am somehow a part of a special exchange between people.

The countries I have experienced have all touched me and influenced me as a person, which in turn is reflected in my art. Living amongst Italians, in the sun, eating wonderful, simple, fresh food lends itself to inspirational creativity. The intensity of the light beating down on the local white stone on a hot summers day, contrasting with the cool, blue shade and shadows, is a dizzy concoction for a painter. The natural beauty of the Lake District where I live now is truely inspiring. I believe that these feelings and intense experiences are reflected in my art with its various nuances and styles. I am a person who appreciates beauty in all its forms, savouring the colours in nature, the tastes in simple food, the poetry of the female body,the differences in people and the quiet in a deep breath.

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and enjoyed an idyllic childhood full of sunshine, beaches and play. At the aged of 13 my family emigrated to New Zealand where we spent 3 years in Wellington and Auckland. In 1989 we came to the UK where I finished school and attended Durham University. I then spent an extraordinary year and a half in Tokyo, Japan, with its refined beautiful and cultural uniqueness. I had long dreamed of being in Italy, of being part of its art, history, culture and character, and this dream became reality when I moved to Le Marche in central Italy. I met and married an Italian and have 2 wonderful sons. We had a beautiful country homemoved to the UK seven years ago to be closer to family.

I hope you enjoy my artwork! Ciao