Roberta Heslop Original Oil Painting

Everyone can paint!

Olive Grove (32" x 24") SOLD

As an artist you often hear people say “Oh I wish I could do that! I can’t draw to save my life!”  Well, I believe that anyone, who wants to, can!

It’s a question of letting go of any attachment to a result or finished product. That way the creative flow is not hindered at all and the experience of painting, or whatever artistic expression one chooses, is all that matters

Ask yourself: How do I feel as I touch the paint onto the canvas? At that point my expression is in command and not my brain, and especially not that voice that we all have in our head that is our own worst critic!

Feeling is everything.

Suspend self criticism for that moment and tap into the joy of what you’re doing. In this way we let go and trust that whatever appears is perfect, a piece of art will emerge that is real and doesn’t need to fit into any box. It doesn’t need to look good…you have honoured your inner artist.

Ultimately be prepared to throw away your painting. It is not the painting that matters. Surprisingly, when you do this often the best work comes out.

For anyone who feels they aren’t artistic remember …

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
— Pablo Picasso

I believe the ‘problem’ can be overcome and much more! Children don’t judge themselves, their choice of colour or subject matter … or their beautiful work of art! Have a go. It’s actually much easier than you think. Have fun!

Ciao Roberta


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