Perfect Christmas gift

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for someone special is often tricky.

For this festive period an unique gift idea could be an original artwork.

Roberta Heslop Sensual Art

Unititled (12″ x 24″)

I find that presents at Christmas are often quickly forgotten about despite the fact that they might¬†have been chosen with great love and the best intentions. Who hasn’t received something well meant but that ended up being just another object lying around?

A couple of weeks ago someone came to me asking for a painting for his partner for their wedding anniversary. I don’t usually work by commission and was apprehensive because it isn’t easy to understand exactly what will communicate the emotion and feeling for others. Very often whoever purchases my art does so as a personal gift to themselves, satisfying their love of art and recognising the feeling that the painting provokes in them.

I made the painting creatively interpreting what he had in mind. On the day of their wedding anniversary I got a call from them. She was in tears. The painting had ‘hit the spot’. “This is the best present I have ever received from my husband. It’s absolutely perfect! I cannot get over what an original idea he has had.”

This experience has convinced me that paintings can be bought not only for yourself but for others too! And thus here is my idea for a timeless gift for this Christmas whoever the person be: an original piece of artwork. With the permission of the owner my featured photo here is of  the wedding anniversary piece seen for the first time.

Yours in Art

Roberta x

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