Reborn: feminine love in an oil painting

Reborn, art, original art, painting, nude, red painting, oil painting

Reborn – 48″ x 48″ x 1.5″

I’m really excited about my latest extra-large oil painting of a nude female. After much thought I decided to name her ‘Reborn’.

The expressive energy is just what I was after and is in keeping with my free flowing style. I love that the brushstrokes are so spontaneous and the figure not complete.

The feminine body is so stunning and all women are beautiful in their way, which is one of the reasons I am so drawn to painting female nudes. The oil paint is thick and layered. The colours are rich and full of emotion.

This woman is being reborn through the power of love. Her heart is exposed. She is open to all and capable of anything.

ON sale for the reduced price of £490 (free shipping inc)

Check out the various stages in the creation of this piece of art in my Studio in the Lake District, UK. It’s a very large canvas, but I love painting big!

Background for oil painting, extra-large canvas, artFemale nude, oil painting, art, original art, extra-large canvas, femininism, redFemale nude, red, oil painting, original art, art, canvas, extra-large canvas, love, femininism

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